Empower Connected Care

HSAGlobal specialises in solutions enabling connected care, to reduce the impact of the heaviest users on the healthcare system. Our vision for connected care unites multiple health providers with the patient at the centre. It includes integrated, shared, collaborative or co-ordinated care.

HSAGlobal partners with forward-thinking healthcare purchasers and providers who want to shift towards a connected model of care.

By partnering with HSAGlobal to introduce connected care, healthcare purchasers and providers can:

  • Better manage clinical costs and allocate resources to reduce duplication across multiple providers and increase efficiency
  • Improve and incentivise better patient outcomes including quality, safety and sustainability
  • Introduce specialist programmes for high-needs patient cohorts with specific outcomes (e.g. to manage acute demand or deliver complex care in the community effectively)
  • Enable patients to self-manage their condition with support from families.